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Coffee filter papers that simply do the job!

The filter brewing process is a bypass brewing method. This means that we hold coffee in one place and pass water through it in order to extract the flavours that we want. These coffee machine filter papers are used to separate coffee grounds from the water used to brew and keep them in place so that we can dispose of them efficiently. Most importantly they stop you getting grinds in your mouth when you are drinking.

How to prepare your filter for brewing.

  • Make sure you have the correct size filter for your device and only use high quality filter papers (See below).
  • Fold up the bottom join flat against the main part of your filter.
  • Fold across the size join flat against the main part of your filter.
  • Rinse your paper (this will mean that any papery taste will be removed from the final brew)
  • Add the correct amount of coffee at the correct grind size.
  • Add water as your filter brewing method is designed.

How does a filter paper work?

Filter papers used in filter coffee machines act to separate one substance from another, in this case solids from liquids. Filters can be found in cars, air conditioning units, hoovers and coffee machines. They are a permeable membrane that catches particles that do not fit through the holes in that membrane.

The more they are used the more of the small holes will be jammed by particles that are the same size or larger than the membranes holes. The blocking of these holes will slow the flow of anything passing through them.

As a consequence filters will need to be changed regularly or cleaned once they have reached a point where they become ineffective. Paper coffee filters will need to be disposed of after each use due to the large amount of solids that we are trying to remove from our coffee brew.

Why does my coffee brew stall?

You may find that your coffee brew may ‘stall’ when you are brewing. This is caused by the same effect mentioned above. The holes in the coffee filter are being blocked by the coffee as it is brewing. This will normally cause your coffee to taste over extracted or excessively bitter.

One way around this to make sure that you are using the correct size of filter for the brew that you are doing. It you have vast amounts of coffee to remove the chances of your holes getting blocked will inevitably be increased.

Another way is to increase the quality of your grinder. Better quality grinders will create less ‘fines’. This is one of the keys to better brewing.

What are fines?

Fines are the very small particles that chip off your coffee as it goes through the grinder. If you think of fines like the small crumbs that happen when you snap a biscuit in two then you will have a good a visual representation.

Which Filter Cones do the coffee filter papers work with?

  • 01 Filter Papers will fit 1 Cup Filter Basket.
  • 02 Filter Papers will fit 2 Cup Filter Basket.
  • 04 Filter Papers will fit 4 Cup Filter Basket.
  • 06 Filter Papers will fit 6 Cup Filter Basket.

They are all available here:

There are lots of other coffee filter papers cups and small filter machines available all over the world but they will generally this system of sizing.

5 Reviews
  • 5

    Published by Anthony Falla on 20th Jul 2020

    Great service received quickly

  • 5
    Filter papers

    Published by Kim Purvis on 4th May 2020


  • 5
    Great range of filters

    Published by Sue on 28th Apr 2019

    Good quality filters , great service and delivery on time

  • 5
    The finest filter papers!

    Published by Mary Pearson on 26th Nov 2017

    I bought two sizes of filter papers: 6 cup and 4 cup and they do a first class job of filtering the coffee. The speed provides a good consistency of coffee untainted by the paper.

  • 5
    favourite coffee filters

    Published by Mary Pearson on 9th May 2015

    They fit the filter cup perfectly and filter at just the right speed.

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