Honduras, Guara Verde - Coffee of the Month July 2020

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Guara Verde, or green macaw, nods to Honduras’ national bird and comes to us from the specialty division of the export company Becamo.

A new Guara Selection program from Becamo focuses on tracing coffees to producers and working with them on high-quality cultivation, harvesting and processing techniques. This particular coffee comes from 252 producers across the western departments of

El Paraiso, Santa Barbara, Lempira, Copan and Ocotepeque and was designed to meet a cup profile that’s sweet and fruity, with a caramel aroma and a bright acidity.

Region: El Paraiso, Santa Barbara, Lempira, Copan, Ocotepeque

Growing Altitude: 1,300–2,067 masl

Arabica Variety: Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, Ihcafe 90, Bourbon

Harvest Period: February–May

Milling Process: Washed

Aroma: Caramel

Body: Smooth, medium

Acidity: Bright

Cup Characteristics

Chocolate, caramel, strawberry, stone fruits; Lime as it cools.

Balanced, sweet and bright

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