Fair Trade Espresso

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Perfect fair trade espresso coffee

An Italian style blend from Pumphrey's Fair Trade selection.

This blend was created to give our customers who prefer Fair Trade coffee a great espresso option for use in their home brewing.

What is it called & why?

Pumphrey’s Coffee has been recognised as a supplier of fair trade espresso beans since the 1980’s.

Coffees that are recognised as Fair Trade are supported by the foundations principles, which aim for farmers to not only get a fair price for their coffee, but also help to invest in their futures through providing education and stable resources.

What it tastes like?

A rich, dark and oily bean - enjoy this through espresso.

Where is it from?

This coffee is a darker roast of our Brazilian and Indonesian Fair Trade options.

Recommended preparation?

Due to the darker roast style of this coffee, we would recommend it being used for espresso or through a Moka pot.

What does the Fair Trade foundation do?

By buying a Fair Trade coffee, you are helping the foundation to offer coffee farmers all over the world the chance to improve their quality of life, which in turn increases their production and quality of the product they are growing.

The Fair Trade foundation aims to create sustainable farming, through a variety of action of points. They are as follows:

Standards of Living

The idea of creating a ‘Fair Trade’ minimum price, increases the standard of living and reduces the risk and vulnerability of farmers. It creates a safety net, which means that farmers are less likely to be impacted by price volatility. Thus, allowing them to have better cash flow, access to credit when required and also the ability to save and invest their income. These all lead to food security, which is linked very closely to economic growth.

Stronger Organisations

The idea of Fair Trade is to not only improve the lives of the farmers but also to ensure that they are creating businesses that will thrive in the long term. This is completed by encouraging democratic leadership and efficiency in their administration and accounting.

By improving all of these qualities, the organisation will become a well trusted business partner in the larger supply chain.

Decent Work

Referring to protecting the individual workers basic rights. Ensuring that they are operating in a safe environment and that they have the option to join trade unions so that they can negotiate wages and benefits. It also helps to ensure that child labour is not being used in the more rural areas.

Environmental Production and Climate Change Adaptations

Fair Trade does not just aim to help the workers it also has an environmental agenda too. When working with Fair Trade, smallholder farmers are required to comply with strict environmentally friendly regulations. These standards are promoted through rigorous training, which include advice on preferred agricultural practices.

Towards Gender Equality

A lot of importance is garnered towards increasing the visibility of women in their role within the agricultural community. Currently there are 350,000 female members of Fair Trade, however many are still not registered as formal workers or member of cooperatives and therefore do not receive any benefits. Fair Trade are pushing to create wider spread equality in this traditionally male dominated industry.

Productivity and Quality

By providing support to the farmers, ensures that their production can increase year on year and that the quality of the product will also improve. In the long run they will receive a better price for their coffee, which will increase economic stability so that they can continue to focus on their environment practices.

Access to Basic Services

Finally and probably most importantly, the premium created by Fair Trade ensures that farmers and workers are able to invest in their communities, giving them access to basic facilities such as clean water, education and sanitation. 

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