East Java, -Bayukidul Estate - Coffee of the Month - December 2019

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 The Bayukidul Estate is a 100 hectare coffee plantation located in the heart of East Java in and amongst small hold clove and sugar cane farms. The 100 hectares yields an overall production of about 100 tons. The Bayukidul Estate has also become the generic name for washed coffees from a collective of surrounding small, private estates all sharing the same washed-process facilities.

This growing area in East Java is around Dampit (Djampit) near the small town of Malang. The A/WP1 Bayukidul Estate Arabica’s grow at some 900-12000 metres around the village of Bondowoso, on the slopes of Ijen Mountain and Raung Mountain

Cup Characteristics

Spicy, Sweet with Pink Grapefruit acidity

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