Colombian Medellin

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The Best Colombian Medellin Coffee, always freshly roasted for you!

It’s called Colombia Medellin Excelso and its smooth with a bright, fresh and full-bodied flavour.

The Colombian Medellin is a very high quality coffee, always smooth with a bright fresh, full-bodied flavour that never disappoints.

The world's second largest Arabica producer is committed to maintaining a consistently high quality crop. Due to this, Colombia has developed and maintained a well-respected and deserved high profile amongst discerning coffee roasters worldwide. We've sourced the best coffee in Medellin just for you!


Milk chocolate, walnut and cocoa notes; bright, citric acidity; balanced, medium body.


Antioquia/Medellin, Colombia

The ‘City of Eternal Spring, “as it its known, is the second-largest city in Colombia It is the capital of the Antioquia. Antioquia is the largest growing region in Colombia and is the birthplace of the Colombian coffee industry and some of the finest coffee farms in the world. Coffees from Antioquia will generally have a medium body and tastes that are not as fruity as those from other regions. However, it produces a well-balanced and smooth cup that can be enjoyed all day.


Washed, sun-dried Arabica Variety Bourbon, Typica

Recommended preparation

For the best preparation of Colombia Medellin coffee we would recommend using a filter coffee brewing device with this coffee wither it be a simple plastic filter cone or a more commercial filter machine that you might find in a coffee shop or café. Our favourite way to drink this in our local coffee shops is via a flat white.

To work out your coffee proportions for the filter machine:

Decide on your strength: 50g/l is weak and 65g/l is strong.

Find out how much water your brewing device holds. A mug will normally hold about 300ml which translates to 300g approx. of water. You can use a scale to approximate this.

Work out how much coffee you need using a simple calculation

strength(g/l) / 1000(g)  x Brewing water(g) = coffee (g)

For Example

50(g/l) / 1000g x 300g = 15g of coffee

55(g/l) / 1000g x 300g = 16.5g of coffee

60(g/l) / 1000g x 300g = 18g of coffee

65(g/l) / 1000g x 300g = 19.5 g of coffee

Once you have done this we have a good starting point and then we can start to decide on the grind type for your coffee beans to help you make great coffee at home.

We want to extract as much from the coffee as we can before things start to taste too bitter and astringent.

Start brewing tests with reasonably fine grinds (sand like) and test progressively finer until it starts to taste astringent. You will know the limit of your grinder and should pull one step courser.

Better and larger grinders will tend to let you grind progressively finer and extract more from the coffee.


Pablo Escobar's Medellin cartel in South America

Many younger people will have only heard of Medellin through the outrageously popular Netflix show Narcos, not its coffee production. Narcos is a crime thriller series that follows and dramatizes the real life story of Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar was a drug lord and ‘narco-terrorist’ who amassed and astonishing $30 Billion fortune smuggling cocaine into the United States of America in the 1980s and 90s. He was the founder and sole leader of the infamous Medellin cartel and was dubbed ‘The King of Cocaine’. He has the somewhat dubious honour of being the wealthiest criminal in history.

At the peak of his lavish lifestyle Pablo Escobar imported for Hippos from America for a private zoo in one of his lavish retreats. When the drug empire collapsed in 1993 with Pablo’s murder the hippos escaped and have breeding successfully ever since. It’s now thought that there are more than 80 hippos wild and free in Colombia.

Medellin, understandably, is keen to brush the whole cartel affair under the carpet as it casts a shadow on the beautiful region and city, allowing it to focus on its reputation of growing the best coffee in Colombia. It has been somewhat successful as Medellin has become a hipster hangout in recent years and its status as most dangerous city in the world has now been taken. At its worst Medellin had 380 murders per 100,000 people, the peak of the Pablo Escobar Cartel violence in 1991. It is now down to 24 per 100,000 which is a lot lower than most of the larger American cities.

8 Reviews
  • 5
    mild coffee

    Published by Jill Sandford on 22nd Jul 2020

    this is a lovely mild nutty coffee packed with flavour.

  • 5

    Published by Simon on 13th Jul 2020

    I use this in the AeroPress and it’s by far the best coffee I’ve brewed myself

  • 4
    Colombian Medellin

    Published by Guy on 23rd Jun 2020

    This I would be happy to class as my everyday coffee, not too strong, lovely flavour and body, think of a nice after dinner coffee and you'd not be miles out.

  • 5
    Colombian Medellin

    Published by ROBERT HARKIS on 19th Jun 2020

    Really good coffee

  • 5
    Colombian coffee

    Published by Jonathan gibbons on 18th May 2020

    Really smooth with a.good punch to it.

  • 5
    Best coffee ever

    Published by Unknown on 17th Feb 2018

    Agreed, nicest coffee ever! Smooth and perfect!

  • 5
    The best!

    Published by M on 26th Jun 2017

    This is the best coffee I have ever tasted, and I now turn my nose up at any other coffee!

  • 4

    Published by JILL SANDFORD on 9th Dec 2015

    This is a mild to medium coffee that has a lovely mellow, nutty and rounded flavour. If you do not like your coffee too strong - but still want the taste - I recommend this.

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