Brazilian Santos

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The globally popular Santo Domingo coffee beans!

Brazilian santos coffee beans form the base element of a lot of espresso blends.

It gets its name from the city of Santos, which is home to the principle port for the world's largest coffee growing region and the worlds largest coffee producer, Brazil.


This high quality single origin coffee has a low acidity with a lovely soft creamy body. You will taste notes of Caramel, Chocolate, and Nuts.


State of Minas Gerais, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo and Various other varieties

Recommended preparation of our Brazilian coffee

Santo domingo coffee is full bodied and tends to lend itself to espresso brewing. As it is considered a mild coffee it will benefit from the naturally stronger brewing methods such as the Espresso Machine, the Moka Pot and the aeropress.

Basic Aeropress Recipe.

·       250g water

·       17g of fine ground coffee

·       1:30 brewing time

The process for perfect Brazil Santos coffee

1.     Add the aeropress filter to the cap and lock in place

2.     Place on top of a sturdy cup or jug

3.     Add the 17g of quality coffee and level with a shake

4.     Start your timer

5.     Add 35g of water and stir to make sure that all the coffee wetted

6.     Wait 30 seconds for the bloom to subside

7.     Add the rest of the water

8.     Add the plunger

9.     Wait until you timer hits 1:30

10.  Plunge slowly and gently

11.  Dispose of Grounds and filter paper in the compost

12.  Rinse aeropress

13.  Enjoy your coffee

This recipe will be strong so we would normally recommend blending the brew with the milk of your choice.


Coffee is synonymous with Brazil and it has been the world’s largest producer for over 150 years now. The story of how coffee came to Brazil is unknown to the general public in the UK and most normal coffee drinkers think that coffee is indigenous to Brazil and the worlds coffee. This could not be further from the truth.

In 1727 Portuguese controlled Brazil wanted a piece of the coffee pie and was looking enviously over at French Guiana who had cultivated a trade in. The governor of French Guiana was unwilling to export the seeds fearing that would be able to produce much more and devastate the newly found cash crop. The story of how coffee was smuggled out of Brazil from the port of Santos is hazy but it is generally accepted that a Brazilian Army General Francisco de Melo Palheta completed the task.

Following a border dispute between the French and Dutch (in which the Portuguese Brazilian Army was tasked to help) Palheta set about “seducing” the governors wife. At a state banquet the day before Palheta was set to leave, he was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that contained cuttings and seeds from a coffee plant.

Palheta then set up production the state of Pará and in 7 year it is reported that there were 1000 trees in production. The rest they say is history.

2 Reviews
  • 4
    Brazilian Santos

    Published by Guy on 23rd Jun 2020

    Having had the Colombian Medellin previously,, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Brazilian Santos is a much darker and more full bodied coffee. Great flavour and certainly a heart starter for any morning!

  • 5
    Brazilian Santos

    Published by Sharon on 13th Apr 2020

    Amazing coffee . Amazing service .

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