Australian Skybury

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Superior estate Arabica, mild & smooth, one of Pumphrey’s premium coffees.

When Skybury started growing coffee in Australia there was washed coffee from the rest of the world and naturals from Brazil . They pioneered the idea of washed naturals, sub classifying the washed as, fully washed, sweet washed, fermented, sweet fermented and partly fermented.

These classifications have resulted in new and improved processing factories and equipment. Skybury Coffee is grown on top of Australia 's great dividing range, 60 kilometers west of Cairns , To the east we have the tropical rainforests of the Daintree, to the south the Atherton Tablelands, to the North the Haan Tablelands with the world's oldest rainforest and to the west the Mitchell and Gulf grasslands.

Mechanical Harvesting - Skybury has 25 years of continuous mechanical harvester experience covering 4 harvester designs and a variety of climatic and seasonal conditions. The Australian Coffee Grower's manual for Mechanical harvesting was written by Skybury.  Skybury offer advice on plantation design, management and harvester operation. These designs primarily deal with processing coffee which has been harvested mechanically. Systems include wet (natural fermentation and mechanical demucilaging) and dry cherry processing. Processing systems vary depending on the types of coffee planted, location, client requirements and objectives. Basically time, water and mechanics change the way the coffee looks and tastes after it passes through the wet/dry processing factory. This cause and effect in the processing system has a significant impact on the quality of the coffee produced. The ability to manage the process in ones favour will highlight the natural quality of the coffee and enable the grower to produce premium coffees for sale.

Information Courtesy of Skybury coffee company.

This Fancy grade is of superior quality to our previous skyburys and is one of our very best mild coffees.


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