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Swiss Water Decaffeinated Brazil

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    Swiss Water Decaffeinated Brazilian beans. Decaffeinated with no chemicals in a natural way. Swiss water decaffeination is the process for you if you are unsure or skeptical of the chemical process.

    The Swiss water Process only uses water to extract caffeine from the beans. Water naturally extracts caffeine from coffee, that's why we get the caffeine hit in our brews, but it also extracts the flavour as well. This process steeps the green beans in 'flavour charged water' (which basically means that the water is full to the brim with flavour and can't dissolve anymore in the solution) this action means that only the caffeine can be extracted from the beans to the flavour charged water. A totally natural process. The coffees retain their flavour without the caffeine.

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    1. In blind tests no one knows this is decaffeinated coffee

      I love this coffee! As a migraine sufferer I have always preferred decaf coffee but worried about the chemicals used in the decaffeination process, I was therefore delighted to find the Pumphreys water decaffeinated range.

      We now have this and Pumphreys standard Costa Rica Beans in our Franke bean to cup machine at work and the Decaf is now the more popular choice!

      The coffee tastes amazing and I recently ground some at home for my husband to take into work and he didn't let on to his colleagues this was decaf and no one mentioned anything and all commented on how nice the coffee was.... I fear they may notice the caffeine withdrawal.

      If you are a coffee lover but want to reduce your caffeine intake then this is the product for you. I can't recommend it highly enough and I have converted quite a few coffee addicts.
      on 28th Apr 2015

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