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Cupping Experience Course

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                             Cup Coffees from around the world - a perfect experience for those who love coffee.

    We recommend this course as the perfect accompaniment to our Home Barista Essentials. Both courses run on the same day, with a break in between, making it the perfect coffee lovers' day.

    During this course we will use a well established method of cupping, which uses a very precise ratio of coffee to temperature controlled water. Whilst we ‘cup’ the coffees, we will highlight how processing, origin and roast will affect the flavour. We will also go through how to 'taste' each coffee and help you to develop skills you can take away with you, so that you can cup your own coffee at home.

    We limit our session to 6 people to maximise the learning potential and we have the flexibility to run these courses mid-week, most weeks.

    Bring a few friends along for a few hours, relax, try something different and cup lots of lovely coffees.

    This course runs at the following times: 

    Weekdays - Usually a Wednesday or Thursday from 1.30pm until 3pm 


    NB. We do not run this course on Saturdays and Sundays 


    All vouchers are non-refundable. 


    This course is running on the dates above, please give us a call and we'll happily advise you on the availability of your preferred date.

    Call us on 0191 414 4510 

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    1. Learning, the tasty way.

      Spent a couple of hours with Stuart learning loads about species, origin, production method and roast profile. Sampled a range of ten different coffees and helped train my palate to focus on some of the subtle, and not so subtle, differences. Very enjoyable and worthwhile. I left with a small purchase of 500g of Kenyan AA beans. I now know this is clearly not enough, so I'll be back soon!!! on 4th Feb 2019

    2. A Walk Through A Lot Of Coffee

      Try a whole lot of coffee, demonstrating the difference between species, roasts, washing technique and regions. Learned about how to tell explore the flavor profiles and noses of different coffees. A lot of fun and well worth doing. on 5th Nov 2015

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