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Try something different from your usual - choose from three monthly Reccommended Brews!          

This week we are launching our monthly ‘Recommended Brews’, perfect for coffee lovers who want to try something a little different. Not only do we have a delicious House Blend and Coffee of the Month available to drink as espresso-based drinks at both of our brew bars, we are now recommending three other brews per month. We’re using different coffees and different brewing methods to give you a fantastic cuppa, and they’re only £2!

Our Shop Managers and Head Roaster have scheduled monthly meetings to cup and taste test our brews, to decide on what’s the tastiest to offer to Pumphrey’s customers.
This month we have our Coffee of the Month ‘El Rosario Pacamara, El Salvador’, a lot of brews and too much caffeine later, we decided AeroPress is the one!
Coffee nerds alike will know there’s a thousand and one different ways to brew with an AeroPress, one of its best features, so we set to work finding a tasty one. 2013’s Aeropress Championships winning method was a winner with us too – that was settled. Try this for a sharp, sweet and syrupy drink.
Next we had to choose an opposing coffee for a different taste and mouth feel. Going for an earthy flavour, we chose Old Brown Java brewed by Cafetiere. Brewing for four minutes with 20g of coffee produces a lovely smooth and earthy flavour, great aroma and does well with milk also.

Lastly we went for Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – fine and fruity and smells delicious. We’re brewing this by V60 filter with 18g of coffee to 300mls of water. Try it at our brew bar and we’ve got all the things you’d need to brew for sale in store. A fantastic way to try before you buy, and of course plan your Christmas gifts for your coffee lover friends and family.

AeroPress - Coffee of the Month - El Rosario Pacamara, El Salvador 8oz

Using the winning method at 2013’s AeroPress Brewing Championship, 50mls of 83°c water is added to 17g of coffee. Then after a 40 second wait 215mls of water is slowly poured to the brew, over 30 seconds, followed by a slow 30 second plunge, stopping just short of the full plunge to emit any sludge.

Our Coffee of the Month is picked by our headroaster; this month try El Rosario Pacamara. It’s smooth with a sweet acidity; viscous and has caramel tones.

- El Rosario Pacamara 250g/£6.63

- Aeropress £22.95

Cafetiere -Old Brown Java 12oz

20g of coffee is used with 300mls of water, brewed by cafetiere at 90°c for 4 minutes.

Our Old Brown Java has a strong but smooth earthy flavour; works well with milk too.

- Old Brown Java 250g/£6.50

- 3 Cup Chrome Finish Cafetiere £9.80

V60 Filter - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 12oz

Using a ceramic V60 filter, 36mls of 90°c water is filtered through 18g of coffee to let the brew bloom and develop flavours. Then 264mls is added over 60 seconds through a slow pouring kettle.

Yirgacheffe has a fine, fruity acidity with an excellent aroma.

- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 250g/£7.60

- V60 2 Cup filter cone £19.96

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