The Proof is in the Cappuccino: Coffee Glory for Pumphrey’s and the North East’s Coffee Industry.

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Pumphrey’s attended the BSA awards and receive noteworthy awards for their drinks and service.

Last night saw Dame Kelly Holmes present awards to the nation’s best baristas at the Beverage Standards Agency (BSA) Awards ceremony, held at Fulham Palace, London. 

The ceremony is an annual event and takes place to recognise remarkable baristas and establishments. The entrants are anonymously assessed on the taste, temperature and presentation of their drinks and overall quality of their café. Each entrant is thereafter awarded a ranking from one to five Cup “the Michelin stars of the hot drinks industry.” (

After a visit earlier this year by one of BSA’s assessors, Pumphrey’s were delighted to be notified that they had been awarded mystery accreditations, unidentified until last night. They were invited down to London; baristas Joey Murphy and Georgina Archer, who both served the anonymous assessor in Newcastle attended, alongside Head Roaster and Barista Trainer Stuart Lee Archer, on behalf the Blaydon Showroom.

The drinks made by Joey and Georgina were awarded a fantastic 5 Cup (Outstanding) by BSA- maintaining last year’s standard. The Blaydon Showroom was awarded a 4 Cup rating (Exceptional) for the drinks made by manager Daisy Rea, improving upon the standards set there last year.

On top of that, thanks to Joey, Pumphrey’s was awarded one of only seven National Best Drink awards: Best Cappuccino 2013 - an exceptional achievement. Managing Director Stuart Archer said:”Naturally we’re thrilled with the results of this year’s BSA awards. We thrive to maintain and improve upon our already high standards in store both drinks wise, and with customer service. BSA is big event in the Pumphrey’s calendar and I’m thrilled at the quality of our staff. Being a company who offer training for baristas, our own baristas need to know what they’re talking about, and they do. Fantastic.”

Next on the calendar for Pumphrey’s is the UK’s Barista Championships. Pumphrey’s is a regional host for UKBC and invites Northern baristas to enter and take part in this exciting event, which takes place early next year.

Fantastic news for Pumphrey’s and the North East coffee industry.

Come in to try the UK’s Best Cappuccino.

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