Stuart Lee performs well in the UK Barista Championship Heat coming second.


Please find below the press release for the event:

‘On Wednesday 23rd of January Stuart Lee Archer of Powburn, Northumberland finished second in the regional Scotland event of the UK Barista Championship.

What is a barista? The word Barista is derived from the Italian word meaning Bartender but when using the term in English "barista" refers to someone who has acquired some level of expertise in the preparation of espresso-based coffee drinks.

In the competition every competitor must make 12 drinks for the 4 sensory judges in 15 minutes: 4 Espressos, 4 Cappuccinos and 4 signature drinks which the competitors create themselves. Stuart raised a few eyebrows when he served his signature drinks containing dark chocolate, espresso and garlic which caused a bit of a stir amongst the judges and crowd alike.

The UK Barista Championship competition comprises regional events at which Baristas around the country compete for the title of regional winner. There are usually approx. 12 competitors per day in each of the 7 regions.

Our nearest event took place at the Edinburgh University Debating Hall and was part of the National Championship run by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe.

Every year more British Baristi enjoy friendly competition around the country to become regional winners and go for the top award of UK National Champion.

Read more updates on the championship on Stuart Lee's Blog

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