Pumphreys Supply 2007 World Scout Jamboree


Pumphreys are proud to announce the supply of coffee and Machines to the world Scout Jamboree.

The 21st World Scout Jamboree will be hosted by the Scout Association of the United Kingdom from July 27 until August 8, 2007 at Hyands Park, Chelmsford. It will bring together 40,000 Scouts, Venturers, leaders, and staff for 12 days. They will share adventure, international friendship, personal growth, and development.

We are proud to supply the scouts with espresso and filter machines for the various coffee shops around the site.

As a feature to this years jamboree we have roasted a special Fairtrade blend for scouts to take home with them or use on site. The name for the special centenary blend was chosen from hundreds of entries in a blend naming competition. The 'Jambeanee' blend will no doupt stay in the scouts hearts for years to come and help remind them of the great time they had at the centenary Jamboree.

For more information on the scout Jamboree please visit www.scouting.org/jamboree/world/

Have a look at the offical Scout video from Youtube bellow


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