Pumphrey’s Managing Director Mr Stuart Archer visits the Australian Skybury plantation in Mareeba, Australia.

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Being an avid rugby fan, Stuart Archer, Pumphrey’s Coffee managing director recently followed the British and Irish Lions to Australia this year, for their 2013 tour.

Once in Australia Stuart watched some of the tense test matches; inevitably made worthwhile by a series victory for the British and Irish Lions. However this trip was not just a holiday. It gave Stuart an excellent opportunity to visit a supplier of one of our most popular premium coffees; the Australian Skybury. Skybury is Australia’s oldest producing coffee plantation and Australia’s largest exporter of home grown coffee; this was an experience definitely not to be missed.

After watching the first test in Brisbane, Stuart flew up to Cairns and took the opportunity to call in on Ian MacLaughlin at the Skybury plantation in Mareeba. This short visit could not have fallen at a better time for them, as Ian informed the party that they would actually begin harvesting this year’s crop the following day. So after a long 2 hour drive from Cairns, Ian greeted the group and it was straight to work on the harvester.

This year the plantation was hoping to produce approximately 50 tonnes of coffee. Yet this high level of coffee production did not detract from the level of care and attention given to the coffee; which was on a very impressive scale. This was illustrated by the production plant having been designed and built by Ian himself, therefore allowing him as much control as possible over the flavour of the beans and the process that his coffee went through. Ian’s enthusiasm and passion for his work shone through and was very was infectious. The whole trip to the plantation was topped off by Stuart being able to see the entire process that the coffee went through; even seeing the very first batch coming out of the fermentation tanks and through the dryer.

After his visit Stuart said, ‘although we here at Pumphrey’s Coffee have been buying Ian’s coffee for 25 years, this particular delivery which arrived last week seems special as I had a small involvement in the harvesting. I hope you will try some and enjoy it, as it brings back great memories for me’.

The Australian Skybury is unique in its flavour profile, offering a soft acidity and light bitterness.

It is dominated by caramel and chocolate tones, which are complimented by a buttery mouth feel. Overall, this coffee is very clean with a smooth and sweet taste.

(Sweetness: 7, Acidity: 5, Bitterness: 4, Body: 7)

Why not try some of our Australian Skybury today.

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