Pumphreys Host Annual North East Culinary Trade Association Barista of the Year Competition


The North East Culinary Trade Association aims to provide the skills and opportunities available to chefs, food producers and catering professionals in the North Region of England.

By working closely with catering colleges, employers, producers and manufacturers and staging major annual events such as the Northern Chef of the Year competition NECTA hopes to raise the profile and quality of the catering and hospitality trade in the North of England to equal that of anywhere in the country. The NECTA committee is made up of a wide selection of catering professionals, chefs, restaurateurs, lecturers and manufacturers who all give up their time voluntarily to work together to promote their passion for the food and drink industry.

Pumphreys are hosting the Barista Speciality Class of 2012. This is a fantastic event for collaboration in our industry and a great place to not only meet people with similar interests but to learn from each other. Barista competition, as anyone who has competed will tell you, is the biggest learning experience you can have in the coffee industry. Come to learn, meet new friends and improve your skills.

Intercollege Barista Competition Wednesday 9th May 10am

If you would like to enter and represent your college then please contact Paula on 0191 414 4510 or email paula.archer@pumphreys-coffee.co.uk

Open Class Barista Competition Thursday 10th May 10am

If you would like to enter please contact Paula on 0191 414 4510 or email paula.archer@pumphreys-coffee.co.uk

Newcastle Civic Centre, Barras Bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 2BN

The Rules

The competition format is a 10 minute presentation in which you are required to produce 6 drinks (Two espressos, Two Cappuccinos and Two Signature Beverages)

  • Competitors will be judged by 2 Sensory Judges, 1 Technical Judge
  • Each competitor will serve each of the two sensory judges a single espresso, a single cappuccino and a signature beverage of his/her choice (espresso-based and alcohol-free), for a total of 6 drinks during a period of ten minutes.
  • The order in which the drinks are served is the competitors’ decision; however, each category of drinks must be served in its entirety before a competitor may serve another category of drinks.
  • Each category of drinks may be served at the competitor’s discretion (i.e. one drink at a time, two simultaneously.) Sensory judges will begin evaluating his/her drink as soon as it is served
  • The two drinks of each category must be identical in content.
  • All drinks within each category of drinks must be prepared using the same coffee.
  • Competitors can prepare each category of drinks (i.e. the espressos, cappuccinos, and signature beverages) using different coffee.
  • Latte art expression may take any form the competitor chooses. Latte art does not need to be identical on each cappuccino.
  • Competitors may produce as many drinks as they like during the competition. Only the drinks served to the judges will be evaluated.

You will have

30 minutes + practice time.

10 minutes stage set up time .

10 minutes competition time.

10 minutes clear up time.

Requirements for the day:

Yourself, Your choice of coffee, Any ingredients and extra equipment you may need for your signature drinks.

We will have available to use:

Espresso Machines, Choice of Grinders, Foaming Jugs, Fresh Milk, Crockery, Knock out Boxes, Tables, Cloths, Aprons

For those of you are asking, you can bring as much or as little extra kit and ingredients as you wish. The only thing that you are required to use is the La Spaziale S5 espresso machine.

The Prizes

The winner of the NECTA Pumphreys Coffee Barista Competition will not only receive the prestigious title of North East Culinary Trade association Barista of the Year but Full UK Barista Championship Sponsorship Package including training, covered cost of extra competition equipment, travel and accommodation for the regional and, if successful, national Barista championship events for 2013. There is also a trophy!

1st 2nd and 3rd will receive certificates of their achievement to brag about, an executive goodie bag and a training voucher from Pumphreys.

If you would like to enter then please contact paula.archer@pumphreys-coffee.co.uk

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