Costa Rica Tres Rios Aguas Claras


Pumphreys Coffee are pleased to announce the arrival of a fantastic new coffee as a replacement for our long standing Costa Rica Tres Rios Hacienda La Laguna. An intense aroma and rich body combine together with a well balanced flavour and bright acidity to give a very high quality coffee that is similar to our previous Costa Rican. Indeed, our new Costa Rica Tres Rios Aguas Claras is grown in the same region as our previous Costa Rica, and is almost identical in the cup.

Approximately 4000 feet above sea level, the extremely fertile soil of the region was enhanced in 1963 by the great Irazu volcanic eruption. Our coffee comes from a well placed south facing farm, which gives it perfect exposure to the sun. Rainfall generally begins in May, with harvesting taking place in the dry season, which begins in November.

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