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Christmas is a fantastic time at Pumphrey's. At our bustling Grainger market and Blaydon Showroom, all hands are on deck serving customers and filling orders, whether it be for that extra special Christmas gift, or stopping for five minutes for a cuppa, picking up a few beans while you're at it.

Some people know exactly what they need to complete their perfect their Christmas Gift, however if you need a little advice on great ways to brew and gift ideas, that's what we're here for. 

A favourite all year round is our fantastic Introductory Barista Training Course. Held in our top spec training facilities at our Blaydon Roastery, you'll learn about the history of coffee, where it comes from and how it makes its way into your cup. Then of course, there's the grinding, the brewing, the extracting, the milk foaming.. It's jam packed and makes a brilliant gift for a coffee enthusiast! 

Another all-time-favourite gift of ours is Pumphrey's 6 month Coffee Subscription - a classic gift. We'll deliver 250g of our Coffee of the Month to your recipient's door (or your door!) each month for six months. You can opt for beans or have them ground for your bewing preference at home. A Gift that keeps on giving! Order online here: 

Exclusively for this Christmas Season we've blended a medium, smooth and nutty Blend; our 'Festive Blend'. Starting at only £3 this makes a brilliant stocking filler.

We've also put together 5 Fantastic Gift sets for Coffee and Tea lovers. Our three coffee sets have been picked by region so the coffees included compliment each other by taste. You'll receive 3 x 250g of beans, or ask for ground coffee if you prefer - order these online, we'll hand pack them and deliver to your door!
The first, from Southern America, features three deliciously aromatic coffees: Guatemalan Huehuetenango, Colombian Medelin, and the all time favourite Daterra Bruzzi. Take a peek and order online here:
We also have a selection from Indonesia - think earthy and smooth (premium coffees!): In this you'll try Sumatra, Mandheling and Old Brown Java. Order online here:
Lastly for our Coffee gift sets we have our African selection. These three coffees are bright and fruity, try them black: Kenya Peaberry, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Kenya AA. Take a look here:

Now for our loyal tea lovers, as you may know we have a vast range of loose leaf teas too. These sets feature 4 delectable teas, make sure you have a strainer or infuser teapot (available instore)We have a Black Tea Gift Set: including 4 delicious classic blends, picked by our roasting team, that any black tea lover will enjoy. Try Assam A, English Breakfast Indian, Darjeeling A and Earl Grey -
Green Tea is said to have many health benefits, we've put together four teas in this set that are fruity and fantastic! Try Jade Wings with Mango, China Sencha, China Gunpowder and Jasmine with Flower - 

Flowering Green Teas
If you follow us on twitter you may have also seen we have just begun to stock fabulous Newby flowering green teas.
These teas are delicate in floral flavours, but are immensely attractive and a bit of a show-stopper. Absolutley spot on for a Christmas Present!
We have a range of flowering green tea products, but here's our pick:

Stocking Filler Alert!
Lots of customers ask for our super tasty Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. They're so moreish you'll have to buy one pack for yourself as well as your stocking filler. Try Plain chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Assorted and Cappuccino Flavour!

Aeropress, Chemex, V60 filter... Keep checking our Twitter feeds for our Christmas Gift Picks. We'll recommend something suited to your coffee and tea needs.
If you're ordering online, remember that orders over £50 receive free delivery.
If you don't get a chance to pop in by the 25th,

We hope you have a Merry Christmas

The Pumphrey's Team.

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