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An updated list of Pumphrey's Barista Training Course dates for 2014.

Spend the day with our Award Winning Barista Trainer Mr Stuart Lee Archer & learn all about the science behind being a Barista. This course is aimed at Home Enthusiasts & Coffee Shop owners alike. Come to our dedicated Barista Training Facilities in Blaydon, prepare espresso based drinks on our professional espresso machinery & have a fantastic day!

Course Content

*  Short History of Coffee *  Roasting Tour *  Coffee Selection & Storage *  Espresso Extraction *  Milk Texturing & Drink Presentation *  Machine & Grinder Maintenance *  Lots of ‘Hands on’ Practice with State of the Art Espresso Machinery

This is an excellent course, pace & style were spot on. Stuart Lee is a gifted trainer who put me at ease while managing to get all of the required information across.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself”, Mr J English, November 2013.

Upcoming dates:


- Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 10th, Monday 14th

- City & Guilds (29th/30th/31st)


- Wednesday 6th, Thursday 14th, Monday 18th

- City and Guilds (26th/27th/28th)


- Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 11th, Monday 15th

- City and Guilds (23rd/24th/25th)


- Wednesday  1st, Thursday 9th, Monday 13th

- City and Guilds (28th/29th/30th)

You can book onto these course online 

Any orders over the value of £50 receive free delivery.

Or by ringing our head office in Blaydon on: 0191 414 4510

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