6th Alnwick Food Festival


Last weekend saw the largest food and drink festival in the North East take place at the heart of Alnwick town centre, and Pumphrey's Coffee was not to miss it.

Alnwick Beer Festival running alongside to the food festival, attendance was at the peak and the streets of Alnwick were buzzing with culinary excitement. With visitors from all over the country and abroad, local producers were once again showing off their gastronomic inventions. Celebrity master chief contestant and former Coronation Street actor Sean Wilson dazzled guests with the launch of his new cheese Rumpy Pumpy - a blue cheese, made with Alnwick Rum.

Indeed it was an exciting weekend for Pumphrey's Coffee with Stuart Archer, Stuart Lee Archer, Paula Archer, Georgina Archer and Allan Pickering on board. Our Barista Training Manager Stuart Lee Archer tells

"‘The Alnwick Food festival is an amazing place for everyone in the region to come and discover genuinely outstanding local producers! You can learn how to make their wonderful produce into even more wonderful meals. It’s the perfect place for us to exhibit our coffee. It gives us the chance to interact with our customers and raise a little bit of money for the Alnwick Lions too."

Every year exhibitors raise money for the Alnwick Lions fund. This year Pumphery's Coffee alone raised over £330. The money will contribute to organising the next years Alnwick Food Festival and all the charities that Alnwick Lions support.

Alnwick Food Festival has raised the profile of a small town of Northumberland, Alnwick, as it is now named the sixth best place for gastronomic activity in the country (BMW 1 Series Good Food Ride). Alnwick is now set to be the culinary capital of Northumberland.

Don't miss your chance to enjoy this splendid event next year, we will be there!

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